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Getting Environment Variables

Functions for getting environment variables

envvar_get() envvar_get_oneof()
Get the value of an environment variable
envvar_get_file() envvar_get_dir()
Environment variables for files and directories
envvar_get_list() envvar_get_csv() envvar_get_psv()
Environment variables containing lists
envvar_get_url() envvar_get_ipaddress()
Environment variables for internet and network-related values
envvar_get_integer() envvar_get_numeric() envvar_get_logical() envvar_get_version() envvar_get_date() envvar_get_datetime()
Get the value of an environment variable as a particular type
Environment variables for UUIDs

Setting Environment Variables

Functions for setting and unsetting environment variables

envvar_set() envvar_unset()
Set, unset, and check environment variables

Checking Environment Variables

Functions for listing the environment variables currently set and checking their status

Get a list of environment variables
Check whether an environment variable is set