pushoverr (development version) Unreleased

pushoverr 1.1.0 (2021-11-13) 2021-11-16

New Features

  • Messages now support image attachments
  • Messages now support basic HTML formatting and monospace text

Breaking Changes

  • Version 1.0.0 exposed a lot of internal functions that aren’t needed for everyday use. These are no longer exported.

Under the Hood Changes

  • Using {checkmate} for input validation instead of {assertthat}
  • Added unit testing with {testthat}

pushoverr 1.0.0 2016-11-23

  • Reimplemented core functionality. No longer using S4 objects.
    • Removed PushoverMessage and PushoverResponse classes
    • Lots of source file reorganization
  • several functions have been deprecated
    • cancel_receipt is deprecated in favor of cancel_retries
    • is.valid_token is deprecated in favor of is.valid_app
    • validate_key is deprecated in favor of verify_user
  • User/group and application keys are now stored in environment variables instead of a package-specific environment, which makes it easier to store keys in .Renviron
  • added support for the glances API (e.g., for smartwatches) via update_glance()
  • added is.valid_pushover_sound function to validate sound arguments
  • added get_pushover_limits function to retrieve application message limit and usage information
  • added stop_for_pushover_status to handle errors for all API requests
  • added functions for working with groups:
    • get_group_info retrieves information about a group
    • group_rename renames a group
    • group_add_user and group_remove_user adds or removes a user from a group
    • group_disable_user and group_enable_user temporarily disable and re-enable a user’s group membership
  • Project now has a Contributer Code of Conduct

pushoverr 0.1.4 2014-11-06

  • Added cancel_receipt function to cancel an emergency message
  • Removed the port number from API calls

pushoverr 0.1.3 2014-06-19

pushoverr 0.1.2 2014-06-13

  • Fixed small issue with user/token storage, which allowed similarly named variables outside the namespace to be used
  • pushover_* helper functions now return invisible values. Request tokens can still be saved to a variable, but will not be printed when the functions are not part of an assignment operation. The return values of pushover_high are visible.

pushoverr 0.1.1 2014-03-30

  • Updates for CRAN submission

pushoverr 0.1.0 Unreleased

  • Initial public release