Sending Messages

These functions allow you to send messages your devices

pushover() pushover_silent() pushover_quiet() pushover_normal() pushover_high() pushover_emergency()

Send a message using Pushover

check_receipt() is.acknowledged()

Check whether an emergency priority message was received


Cancel retries for an emergency priority notification


Update a Pushover glance data


These functions help you configure your R environment for using Pushover

set_pushover_app() get_pushover_app() unset_pushover_app()

Set, get, and unset the Pushover application token

set_pushover_user() get_pushover_user() unset_pushover_user() set_pushover_group() get_pushover_group() unset_pushover_group()

Set, get, and unset the Pushover user/group key

Pushover API Info

Retrieve information about message limits and available values


Get usage and limit information for Pushover applications


Get a list of sounds available for Pushover notifications

Managing Group Subscriptions

These functions manage a user’s membership in a Pushover delivery group


Get information about a Pushover group


Rename a delivery group

group_add_user() group_delete_user() group_disable_user() group_enable_user()

Manage group subscriptions

Extending pushoverr

Functions that allow you to work more directly with the Pushover API and check values


Issue a command using the Pushover API

get_devices() is.registered_device()

Get a list of the user's registered devices

verify_user() verify_group() is.registered_user() is.registered_group()

User and group verification